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Haydn our chairman

Introducing Haydn

Haydn is Chairman and works closely with Jake and Jean in planning our future concerts and rehearsals. As Chairman he has the job of leading the choir. He has a small committee who help and support him. Haydn is a very personable and calm person!

Haydn's Story

Haydn sings in the tenor range with the choir. He has steered the choir through the pandemic and the choir has gained 9 new members over the past 6 months. The choir now has over 30 singers. Haydn has set out the purpose of the choir which is:

  • to enjoy rehearsals

  • to challenge ourselves individually and as a group to learn new skills

  • to make a great sound

  • to perform concerts for enjoyment and to raise money for good causes.

When Haydn joined he had not sung a note since school. He can play the piano and read music but this is not the case for many of the choir. Haydn explains that some of the choir have been singing in choirs for decades and are genuinely very good singers. Others have taken it up, maybe approaching retirement, and have had the challenge and fun of learning how to read music, how to sing half decently and then how that can combine into a great group sound. KMVC may not aspire to being the best male voice choir musically in the Midlands – to be that you have to rehearse twice a week and learn everything by heart! KMVC does however aim to be the best of the rest. Haydn's ambition is that the choir aspires to be the friendliest, most welcoming and most supportive male voice choir. Haydn believes the choir is very fortunate to have a great Musical Director in Jake Fifer and a wonderful accompanist in Jean Lowe. Both share the aim of being the very best we can be musically but at the same time making sure that every Wednesday is enjoyable for all. If you want to give us a try and see for yourselves, you will be very welcome. Haydn can discuss this with you. You can phone him on 01564 782873 or email

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