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Knowle Male Voice Choir
The Benefits to You

Why should you join a choir?

The first and most important reason to join a choir is to feel happier and enjoy yourself! Singing makes us feel happier and has a positive impact on our wellbeing. Singing, especially as part of a group, can relieve stress and anxiety and make you feel full of positive energy and enthusiasm.

Benefits To You

There are many benefits for you individually. Singing

  • makes you feel better

  • enhances lung function

  • helps you beat stress and relax

  • helps improve memory

  • builds a sense of community

  • lets you express yourself

  • can help with pain relief

  • boosts your confidence.

Members of KMVC
Members of KMVC

Myth Busters

There are many myths about singing and joining a choir:

Myth: You have to be able to read music

Truth: No you don't! All our lyrics and music are presented in an easy way for you to follow

Myth: You have to do a scary audition

Truth: You will be asked to do some easy vocal exercises to identify your range

Myth: Some people just can’t sing

Truth: Everyone can sing

Myth: Choirs are stuffy and scary

Truth: We aim to be a welcoming group and make you feel at home so you can enjoy singing​

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